Hello and welcome to the site

To order, after selecting the photographs  please send an email with the title and description of what you are requiring. Please give an indication of the approximate size you need. I can then advise on exact sizing and recommendations for printing plus a quote. From there I will forward details on how to make payment .  

Prints can be sent worldwide in crushproof tubes. 

The site represents my personal work which can be custom designed into prints, framed work, aluminium prints, canvasses and more.


I create work which is destined to be in someones home or office . It is a personal decision when deciding what to choose, takes a lot of consideration as the work will normally on the wall for a long time.


Above all I aim to make beautiful images displayed professionally and which enhance the space where they are going. If a client requires multiple images as a set or a series of colour/black and white images then I can call upon a considerably library of images I have made over the years. Far more than can be shown here. 

Work can be custom sized to exactly fit an area to ensure it doesn't look too big or too small.

I have a broad range of frames available and can advise on various options so the customer can make the right decision.


Sometimes people have very clear ideas of what they require and I can quickly provide a quote with samples. Some people need advice with regards to which of my images are suitable for what they need and I am happy to help the process  providing  two or three options. This normally is sufficient. If however, there is a particular type of frame needed I can advise on other framers who may have the answer.



For example an American gentleman wanted my photograph of Snowfall over Durham on canvas. It was not possible to have it mounted on a frame and send it. The solution was to custom size the image ,allowing for a 4cm frame . I then printed the canvas and  sent it in a crush proof tube. The client then took the canvas to his local framers in North Carolina.


Hopefully the samples page will provide some inspiration of how things can look .



                                        Kind Regards  John