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I became interested in photography at the age of 32 after a period of illness. While recovering photography gave me a creative outlet. Through the camera my appreciation of the local environment grew as I started observing how light, the seasons, the weather affected the world around me. 

I went to places I had never been to before despite some them being just a short car journey away. My love of the outdoors and passion for photography resulted in turning it into my profession that continues to this day. I feel very fortunate indeed.  


In the age of digital reproduction there is now an abundance of artwork out there. No one needs to buy anything from me. So when they do be it a greetings card or a limited edition print its always appreciated. It is a privilege to have my work in peoples homes or office walls.


Photography has changed greatly in the past ten years with the arrival of digital technology.. No matter how much technology advances it cannot replace the minds eye for seeing, anticipating and creating compositions. The process be can problematic and frustrating with light being transient and fleeting. More often than not you venture out and return with little to show for it. However, when it does comes together and you capture something special its a great feeling and those unproductive ventures are forgotten.


I continue to work in film and digital formats but whether one has merit over the other is not important to me. I think it is about the end result and has it captured what I had seen.


I hope the devotion shows in my work and what I am trying to convey in a creative form.


Over the years I have been fortunate to work for some wonderful companies, organisations and galleries. Here is a small sample –


Waterstones, Glaxo Smith Kline, Durham University, Durham Cathedral, Sunderland University, World Heritage centre
Durham, Kemble Art Gallery, Durham City Studios



2020 Monochrome Photography Awards - International Black and White Photography Contest - WinnersGallery (monoawards.com) Honourable mention for Frozen Tree in the Mono awards competition

2017 Black and White Spider International photography contest. Nominee for the portrait category . http://www.thespiderawards.com/gallery/11th/gallery.php?g=n&x=p&cid=329&fid=171199

2010 Runner up in the Take a View  landscape photography competition for the Network Rail category. Image – Snowcapped roofs.


2012 Shortlisted for Digital Basics open competition. Image – Rowing in the Mist



2005 DLI Art Gallery (Solo)
2006 Teikyo University of Japan, Durham (Solo)
2008 Van Mildert College University of Durham (Solo)
2011 Queens Hall Art Gallery Hexham (Solo)
2012 NEST Art Gallery Barnard Castle ( Group)

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