Climate Change | John Urwin Aug19
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C L I M A T E  C H A N G E 

I care very much about the planet. To see what is happening around the world and what we are passing on to the next generation is very depressing. In my opinion if its left to politicans to sort this out its going to be too late.

I do not want to preach but I think we all have a responsibility to minimise our impact on the planet. However, when I looked at what I was doing personally about this it fell woefully short. So I have put together an outline plan for myself and my business which will evolve. When I began to write down all the things which can be done there are literally hundreds. 

So I have prioritised them in a way suitable for my circumstances and what I can personally do while still working. Some are listed as ambitions to be completed in the future as I may not be able to fulfil them now due to costs etc.

The measures I take now and in the future I hope will count and mitigate my personal impact on the environment. I feel better already .

ACTION                                                                        ONGOING COMPLETED    NOT COMPLETED       NOTES      

Add trees to garden                                        x

Create wildflower area for bees                    x                              

Switch to hybrid or electric car                                                                x

Recycle  at home and business                    x                                                         

 Grow own food                                                x

Plant secret trees                                            x 

Reduce beef consumption                            x 

Influence my suppliers                                   x