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I have started listing here some of the things I am doing. Also I am putting down things to be done in the future. Some will be  listed as ambitions due to cost or just not having time to impliment them at the moment due to work. Some of the measures are very minor and others significant. I dont think I can eradicate every aspect of my personal impact, I have bills to pay , a living to earn  but id say that looking after my own environment has now become a permanent part of my life.

Here are some of the things I am currently doing

Optimising my own house and garden is an obvious way to help the environment.

Adding trees and shrubs to garden.  Six added so far more to be added this year,                          

Reduce beef consumption down to 5% of what I used to eat.                          

Became a member of the Woodland Trust. The UK champion of tree conservation and planting. 

Support organisations protecting wildlife and campaigning for the environment. Joined the World Wildlife fund  

Installed energy saving products in the house such as energy efficient lighting and radiator reflectors.
Draught proofed internal doors.
Combi boilers apparently run most efficiently at 60 degrees mine was set at 72 so a simple switch.  

Recycling for my business as well as home . 80% of my business waste materials now recycled.                                                                            

Grow own food. I have a small  plot which is being prepared for produce.                                                 

When I am out with my camera or walking dogs I will pick up one piece of plastic. This seems such a small thing but over the course of a year it adds up to well over a couple of hundred pieces. Photographers tend to go off the main paths so we can remove the litter which gets overlooked.  

Encourage my suppliers to minimise their packaging. 

To be done

Create wildflower area for bees 2021. Small patch of garden which I can make better use of for these polinators.                                             

Switch to hybrid or electric car as soon as I can afford to.                                                           

Solar panels for greenhouse


I care very much about the environment. To see what is happening around the planet and what we are passing on to the next generation is so alarming. In my opinion if its left to politicans to sort this out its just going to be too late. When I read that peoples own homes and gardens are at the forefront of climate change measures it lifted my mood. I began to write down all the measures which I could do, there are literally hundreds. 

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